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Sealing side machine

MD507 manual curved line sealing machine

Name:MD507 manual curved line sealing machine
Details :

Curved line manual sealing side machine using range: manual sealing side machine adopts foreign advanced technology, structure is advanced underneath type plastic box, this structure with rubber shaft rubber, coating evenly, can choose plate and sealing sideband double-sided glue, manual feeding. The lateral curve of the plate and the straight line are available. Used for furniture processing, cabinet processing, indoor decorative plate sealing, etc., low price, widely used.

Curve line timer: when the first piece of work is sealed, the timer will record the time of the sealing edge, and the time of the next sealing time can be set according to the display time to achieve the time cut off the sealing side.

Temperature adjustment instrument: high performance temperature adjustment instrument, temperature display is intuitive, accurate, adjust operation simple, remove simple, anti-interference ability is extremely strong.

Motor governor: non-polar electronic speed adjustment, speed adjustment is smooth, can be adjusted according to actual demand.

The manual curved line sealing machine adopts automatic control, and the sealing side operation scope is large, which can ensure that the hot melt is not leaking, which is suitable for the curved line sealing of various plates. And it has small volume, light weight and other characteristics, suitable for furniture cabinet, wardrobe, office furniture factory use.

Product features:

1. Stretch auxiliary table;

2. When the edge of the curve is closed, it will control the belt cutting belt and automatically cut the belt when the line is closed.

3. Two or three boxes of electric current;

4. Thickened fuselage, thickened steel plate operating table, use more difficult to deform.

Technical parameters

Model number


Sealing side thickness


Edge width


The radius of the smallest surface of motion


Cut to effective cut width


Fever segment


Motor power




Air pressure

More than6kg/cm²

Working power supply

380V/220V  50hz

Overall dimensions


About weight




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